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because for over forty years, we have been dedicated to the development of organic agriculture in Italy, in a tireless attempt to ensure everyone in the world has the right and the possibility to put healthy, organic, poison-free food on the table every day.


Our cooperative was founded at the end of the 1970s, just when organic agriculture was beginning to take root in Italy. CAMPO was established in 1978 at Isola del Piano, a small village deep in the countryside of the Marche region of Italy, in answer to a specific demand: for healthy food grown without putting poisons into the land?


I nostri prodotti di base sono frutto di una precisa scelta di campo: offrire a tutti la possibilità di mangiare alimenti privi di tracce di veleni. Per noi questa possibilità deve diventare un diritto garantito a chiunque, ricchi e poveri, perché il cibo pulito deve essere accessibile per tutti, comunque e sempre.


We have come from being a simple agricultural cooperative to representing a service provider: an evolution that began many years ago to satisfy the requirements of our customers: a change that is still evolving, because meeting people’s needs is our chief concern.


Today more than ever before we need to ensure that our products are not only organic but also sustainable: we must not only ensure that our food is free from poisons, but we must also be open to new suggestions on how to improve and safeguard their quality and organolectic and nutritional characteristics, both from the point of view of sustainability and to minimise waste.


We are a small cooperative but, despite that, more than 100,000 people eat our organic products every year. The mix of genuine curiosity and continual initiative that is our hallmark translate into the ability to form relationships not only in Italy but also with people who live far away; we have clients in over 20 European countries and our products are sent as far away as Asia, Australia and the Middle East.


I Our new products are the result of partnerships with innovative companies in various sectors. There are companies and entrepreneurs with wonderful dreams, ideas waiting to be tapped for their potential. We call ourselves a cooperative of common intent, whose prime objective is to aggregate competences and sensibilities, talents and material resources. This attitude helps, teaches, encourages and accompanies anyone daring to imagine and plan.


For more information on our products, on the services offered, to propose new ideas and projects to the Campo cooperative, please contact us.




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