Our cooperative was founded at the end of the 1970s, just when organic agiculture was beginning to take root in Italy. CAMPO was established in 1978 at Isola del Piano, a small village deep in the countryside of the Le Marche region of Italy, in answer to a specific demand for healthy food grown without putting poisons into the land. By the end of the 1960s, it was only too clear that ploughing chemicals into the earth was damaging people’s health and wellbeing, and destroying our very future. Obviously, organic agriculture was the only way forward, because there is only one way to work the land, and that is to be at peace with nature. Since then, we have produced and sold purely organic foodstuffs and our care in doing so is unfailing.


We immediately chose to focus on basic, everyday foods, the things that are always to be found in any home. We believe that organic food, free from any toxic element, must be officially acknowledged as a universal right and readily available to all. We therefore make every effort to demonstrate that pasta, tomatoes, legumes and condiments can be produced by organic methods at a reasonable cost. In any project, we share our know-how with suppliers and buyers, in order to improve everyone’s quality of life, not just that of the few. True to the principles of our founder members, we are continuously building on and enriching their sense of social responsibility. For the last forty years and more we have helped our growers to increase their awareness of the requirements of organic farming. The selection of our processors has become increasingly rigorous and the relationship with our customers is richer than ever. We can now say that we are part of a complex and articulated network of associates, suppliers, customers and friends, all passionately convinced that the food we eat should never again contain any poisons.


Our headquarters at Fossombrone cover an area of 8,000 m2, with 2,000 m2 occupied by the buildings. This is where, through the constant and meticulous hard work that is our hallmark, we can look ahead to the future.


Product Area, made up of the Purchasing and Procurement Office
Quality and label certification office
The Commercial area and the area for the Development of New Products
Administration and Finance
Warehouse and Labelling dept


Strada Castelgagliardo 3

61030 Isola del Piano (PU)


Via del Molino Nuovo, 17

61034 Fossombrone PU

P.IVA 00382180412

REA: PS – 76473

Cap. soc. vers. €328.415


TEL: +39 0721 740559