We have evolved from a farming cooperative into an organic farming services cooperative; this evolution started many years ago in response to the expectations of our associate members and the requirements of our customers. This evolution is still in progress...because it is better to forge ahead together. The president of the Campo cooperative Lorenzo Massone



    Your warehouse in Italy. The warehouse has 1,000 pallet spaces; this space is available for all our customers, for storage of goods on order, for organising groups and planning logistics and collection of products based on current requirements.



    The brand image to suit your requirements. Our labelling laboratory, equipped with a large stock of labels and labelling machines, provides the opportunity to choose products and quantities to be labelled quickly to meet your requirements; this service is tailored to your requirements and allows great flexibility without expensive outlays.



    Do you want to expand your catalogue? Our network of collaborations with businesses and manufacturing specialised in this sector, as well as our substantial experience in farming enables us to provide a broad range of skills and a potentially endless catalogue of organic products. Put us to the test!



    Your client trusts you. We design, print and store our labels and those of our customers. All we need is a copy of your label and we will think about the rest.

Our Projects


We are a network of organic distributors. We have decided to form a cooperative aiming to share our catalogues, provide a broader range of products and services for new markets and explore new opportunities for the organic sector.

What we do and why:
We farm products that are free of substances harmful to people and the environment. Our commitment goes further than just providing organic products to our customers. This may be the right choice, but it is not sufficient, because the future of this sector depends on what we can imagine today. We believe in a cooperative future, we are part of a network whose objective it is to provide opportunities for developing the organic sector, to facilitate access to organic products, to find new ways to do business.

The Co-Organic cooperative is based in Europe and is able to offer a wide range of organic products, which is the sum of our partners' catalogues, our experience in this sector, the sum of our expertise developed over thirty years in this sector. Every product in the Co-Organic catalogue was selected, tested, approved and requested by the European market. Go to the co-organic website to learn more.