Simple Ideas

Who We Are

We are a co-operative of associates: farmers, workers and supporters who believe in the Campo project. This project was launched at the end of the seventies at Isola del Piano, a small town in the countryside in the Region Marche (1978). There was no talk of organic at the time, but we were aware of having inherited a precious wealth of land and knowledge from past generations

and we had already noted that the use of chemicals in the fields was destroying the future and this wealth. This is where we got the idea of joining forces to form a cooperative to continue to keep the earth clean as it was given us and to imagine a different future for generations to come.



We are working to provide a range of basic organic products in our diet. What are basic products? They are all the products we use on a daily basis, stacked on the shelves in every kitchen, because they are essential to our diet. For example pasta, tomato, pulses and condiments is a basic food in the Mediterranean diet. We are proud to contribute to the improvement of the quality of food that several people consume every day: we deal in basic foodstuffs by choice and lifestyle. We believe that food that is free of harmful substances should be a universal right accessible to everyone. This forms part of our company's mission. We have contributed to the development of ecological farming for over thirty years. One of the challenges facing us over the years has been to show that it is possible to supply basic food at affordable prices even with organic farming; this is what we have managed to do, first with pasta, then tomato and now with pulses.

Our second challenge was to extend organic food beyond the limits of a closed niche; we have thus stood up to the comparison with traditional mass produced goods; our prices are comparable with those of chemically farmed products; the cost of our products is based on affordable farming and processing methods and we consider that the future will be better for everyone if we can reduce every source of waste. We are certain that on a global scale, a cost benefit analysis would reveal that it is preferable to eat foods free of harmful substances produced using organic farming methods.

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The Cooperative

We own a 1,400 m2 facility with 1,000 pallet storage space, a lab for labelling and preparing orders, an area for direct product sales and one floor of administrative offices, quality control and customer services. There are over forty associate members of our cooperative, subdivided into three types:

1. Farming Associates, some of whom are among the founders of the cooperative and have substantial technical and farming experience which they make available to the cooperative 2. Working Associates (employees, labourers, technicians, managers), some of them are the historical memory of the company, others are its emerging future. 3. Supporting Members, people who provide professional services and financial resources to the company.


Where We Are

Campo main offices are in Isola del Piano, the town where the cooperative was founded in 1978; the operational headquarters (storage, lab and offices) are in Fossombrone (PU) in the San Marino del Piano industrial area, Click here to see the map,

easily accessible by HGVs for loading and unloading goods and well connected to the A14 motorway. Click here to see the map.



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